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2018 Las Vegas Magic Show

Author:Zoe     Publish Time: 2018-03-27      Origin:Site

2018 Las Vegas Magic Show

We’ve attended the Las Vegas Magic show on 11th-14th Feb 2018.


A total of more than 650 exhibitors from different countries and regions participated in this exhibition. At the same time, tens of thousands of buyers from more than 110 countries and regions came to the procurement negotiations.


We have prepared 4 themes, nearly 50 kinds of newly developed bags.Like backpack,tote bag,crossbody bag,duffle bag,cosmetic bag and clutch bag. Our product has attracted many customers to stop and ask. Among them, the most popular theme is “RPET”.We used the “RPET” material to make the backpack. At present, the theme of global attention is "environmental protection". We hope we can do our best to protect the environment. At the same time, we appeal to more people to pay attention to it.


We got hundreds of business cards throughout the exhibition. In second days, the transaction amount was set to a new high.


Stacy is introducing our products.


All the new products of the exhibition have been uploaded. All customers and friends are warmly welcomed to visit and inquiry.

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